An interactive fiction intrigue in an immersive and dynamic world

Interactive Fiction Competition 2018 - 6th position

XYZZY Awards 2018 - Nominee - Best Implementation

☙ — ❧

A world that changes with every action

Freedom to explore

Radically different playthroughs

Lots of dancing

People wearing skulls

It creates a seemingly dynamic world, gives the player complete agency within that world and then says ‘go’.

Ade McT

Odd and audacious.

❧ Sam Kabo Ashwell

☙ — ❧

☙ — ❧

A rich story with multiple plots

A historical fantasy set in the early 19th century Mediterranean, The Master of the Land deals with power and paranoia in an age of counter-revolutionary reaction: the aftermath of the Napoleonic wars. During a carnival, dancers dance, politicians conspire and a crying ghost haunts the whole place. The protagonist, Irene, is fascinated and appalled at the same time by everything happening around her.

A narrative experiment with a dynamic setting

Text is mixed and combined to show a changing place, with many characters moving around, weather, different events -balls, dinners, ceremonies- and interlocking storylines. With more than 80 thousand words and more than ten major plots, each playthrough shows only a fraction of the possibilities.

The game is not intended to be won

And it cannot be lost.

☙ — ❧

80,000 words. Each playthrough takes 1.5 to 2 hours. Several totally different playthroughs possible.

Did you enjoy it? It'd be wonderful to know! Please rate the game so I know that making it was worth it!

Ps. Opus 2. October 2018.

Install instructions

Unzip the file and open index.html with a current browser.


The Master of the Land - 3.1 (dl).zip 4 MB

Development log


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Just fyi, scroll bars don't appear on the page when playing online, so it's impossible to see some of the choices without zooming out. I think 'Enable scrollbars" has to be checked on the "Edit game" page.


Fixed! Thank you very much