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The Master of the Land took the 6th place at the 24th Interactive Fiction Competition in 2018, with a 7.51 score. The result is great, but what really overwhelmed me was the reviewer's response. It made more than two years of work worth it. Players highlighted the uniquenes of the design and the feeling of playing in an open, dynamic place where events happen all the time, with or without your participation.

Ade McT at McT's Interactive Fiction Reviews

I urge you to play this game. (...) I’ve never seen anything quite like this. It really takes choice based implementations to that next level. It creates a seemingly dynamic world, gives the player complete agency within that world and then says ‘go’. It is an important game, this.

Sam Kabo Ashwell at Heterogeneous Tasks

This is an odd and audacious thing. There is a great deal going on here; it’s a story about the personal and the political, about the failures of liberal politics. I like a lot of the things it’s aiming for, and sometimes it hits them.

Christoper Huang at The Breakfast Review

Rather intriguingly, the game is set up with a freely explorable map and a choice interface. With so much going on, we never go far before finding something to catch our interest as we explore. It's really quite fascinating and immersive.

Thomas Mack at IFcomprehensive

The game is filled with meaningful interactivity, yet the choices available are always clear and well-defined. (...) A very impressive, intricate game.

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