Explore the weird, until the sunken things come for you

Interactive Fiction Competition 2019 - Top 20

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A narration-focused interactive fiction focused on conversation and exploration of a haunted landscape



This extraordinary game is one of my favorites in recent memory (...) a powerful meditation

~ Anya Johanna DeNiro

The Good People is a beautifully written and designed, emotional, and very personal story

~ Enrique Henestroza Anguiano

This is a work which is not like anything else

~ Sam Kabo Ashwell


Playable on mobile, but a computer or tablet strongly recommended. One hour approximately.

Content warning: Relationship conflict. Climate change. Orphanhood. Swearing (rare).

Ps. Opus 3. October 2019

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The Master of the Land (6th position in IFComp 2018)

Install instructions

Unzip the file and open index.html with a current browser.


The good people 2.1 - 050120 (dl).zip 9 MB

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