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i was trying to play it on my phone, but the dark mode (which i guess inherited from my phone system) is unreadable. :(

can you please fix the contrast between background and font color?

Loaded it on Pale Moon on desktop after it from android. Not finished reading yet…not sure what’s going on yet…but the writing does very much so make for an immersive environment. Bit slow…but it might just be me reading pro it. In a weirdo. Keep thinking about Cherokee Trail of Tears. and how our hall of records burned down so we have no proof of lineage or anything…like…i am not legally part of the nation - but hoped to be some day. and its weird to feel … erased…while you are still here…dunno of that makes sense

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Unfortunately it's just not working on mobile :((( At some point the dialogue keeps going lower and off screen. I've *really* enjoyed the narrative far until now, hope I can play it soon on a laptop tho :<