A short, puzzle-light interactive story of love and terrible geometry

Who would be asked to travel to the center of an apocalypse? Two smart people walking to the center of many disasters, including the disaster they made for themselves.

Play How it was then and how it is now for...

💀 abstract horror...

🫂 tense dialogue...

⏳ dynamic flashbacks...

📜 fluid non-linear narration...

🔰 geometric riddles...

About 30 minutes per playthrough. Written with Inkle's ink. IFcomp 2021 entry.

[The game] has the courage of its convictions, meaning it’s not afraid to lean way, way into its conceit, but also doesn’t get stuck there. (...) a keen eye for detail.

~Mike Russo

Ps. Opus 5. October 2021


howitwasthen-011021-1839 dl.zip 792 kB

Development log


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Hello, are you willing to post the walkthrough that (I think) you posted for IFComp? I've been replaying through, but it looks like I got stuck early, and (yes, I know it's cheating) I looked through the source and realized I'd missed a lot of the deeper story, which I found interesting and would love to play through.

I tried to pbcl naq cnfgr gur yvar chmmyrf gb n grkg rqvgbe gb frr jung cynprf gur iregvpny yvarf jrer, but that (and several variations) didn't work. I sense I'm overlooking something & these may even be a red herring.